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Managed IT Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

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IT for Financial Advisors

To say that technology changes quickly is an understatement. Between constant software updates and system upgrades, human error, and security threats, it’s a challenge to stay on top of it all. You need to partner with an IT company that’s easy to talk to and quick to respond.

That’s what we’re all about. We specialize in IT services for all kinds of industries, but especially legal, financial, and accounting fields.

Whether you’re dealing with a crashed laptop, malware, or a project that involves moving files from a local server to the cloud, we’ll be with you every step of the way. When you call us, you’ll reach a team of professionals that knows what they’re talking about. No scripts, no canned answers — just solutions.

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Desktop support
Your computer is how you run your business and do your job. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, we’ve got your back. No matter what problem you’re running into — a crashed laptop, failed updates, or even a slow response to security events — we’ll get you up and running again as quickly as possible. With remote desktop support, we’ll be with you in real-time.

Data backup solutions
While there are many different cloud-based computer backup solutions, not all are created equal. We’ll guide you to the right platform for your business and make sure your security is never compromised. In an increasingly digital business landscape, backing up your data is vital to the health of your business. Avoid losing files or being locked out of your documents with a local or digital backup solution that works for you. We’ll ensure all your information is copied over correctly and securely. If your firm needs backup solutions for compliance or governance, we can supply this level of testing and reporting as well.

Server support
With an emphasis on security and maintenance, our server support services keep your systems running flawlessly. Things like servers should stay behind the scenes — not causing you issues while you’re trying to work! We provide around-the-clock monitoring 24/7/365 and react to your system’s warnings immediately. We’ll provide recommendations for improvement, and test and change settings and notifications as needed. Whether your servers are located on-site or in the cloud, we have them covered.

Cloud computing
“It’s in the cloud.” You’ve heard people say it, but what does it mean? Cloud computing simply means your files are not saved on your local computer or server, but virtually. Cloud computing stores your data without taking up your local storage and is accessible from anywhere. Security is often the biggest concern for businesses that use cloud computing, and that’s also our highest priority. We’ll help you keep your data accessible, and keep it safe.

Email/spam protection
You’re already inundated with emails — you certainly don’t need more spam! We’ll set up your email so that you only get the ones you need, and we’ll keep your accounts secure while we’re at it. We prevent phishing, malware, and ransomware, and improve compliance. Your peace of mind is our top priority. We can also provide training for your staff, as part of compliance requirements, so that everyone is up to speed on the latest in protection.

IT project management
IT support is often involved in nearly every element of your business. IT project management keeps those pieces flowing seamlessly together. In order to drive a project to completion, you need a team that understands the complexities of your systems in order to pull off the project in a timely and accurate manner. We deal with interdependent integrations, frequent software updates, and version changes that take place while we’re working on your project and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. You need a team that understands technology, but also the system as a whole. That’s what we do best!

Mac support
Updates, updates, updates. And the spinning wheel of doom. We love Macs as much as the next guy, but when they have problems, they can be very problematic. Don’t let business come to a screeching halt because of a messed-up machine. Let us work on it and get you back up and running in no time.

Network security
There’s not much in the IT world that’s more important than network security. If you’re responsible for sensitive, private information, the worst thing that can happen is a data breach. Not only are breaches expensive, they could have potentially serious ramifications in your customers’ lives, especially if you’re in the legal or financial field. Bypass the anxiety by working with Christo IT.

Disaster recovery planning
At some point, something’s going to go wrong. There are so many moving parts to your IT services, and when one thing goes wrong, it can spell disaster. Having a plan can turn a very stressful situation into a manageable one. Whether it’s human error or a cyberattack, we can help you create a plan in advance.

VoIP/phone solutions
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it’s a communication system that provides a more affordable, more secure communication experience. And by combining phone, data and video into one platform, small business owners are able to reap big communication benefits.

Access your information anytime, anywhere. Our professionals at Christo IT can help you create a system that benefits your entire company. This process saves you time, money, and lots and lots of storage.

Hardware as a service
Hardware can be expensive. We offer small businesses the opportunity to make small, manageable payments on business equipment, which allows you to upgrade your systems when you need to. Your systems will be up to date, and your budget will thank you!

Software as a Service
Think of software as a service, or SaaS, as an app. You’re able to access programs remotely, through the cloud, without having to physically download them onto your computer. Payments are made monthly instead of all at once, and you’re able to access it from whatever computer or device you’re using.

Hosted solutions
Are you looking to eliminate costly overhead, streamline IT and ensure your data security for your business? At Christo IT, we provide flexible, cost-effective hosted solutions by maintaining your server and keeping it running properly all day, every day. We do our job right so you can increase productivity and revenue, protect against disaster and business interruption, and reduce capital expenditures.