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We would like to acknowledge ChristoIT IT Services as they helped us be ahead of the curve during the COVID19 pandemic. They were one of our first responders who went over and above to enable us to support our people working remotely. You are appreciated!
Judy D.
Phenomenal business partner. Christo IT Services works on us with every project. Their response time is phenomenal. They think of solutions before any problems arise. They are a great business partner. The services offered are exceptional, and the prices are well within our budget.
Bernie H.
King Of Prussia, PA
We have an ongoing contract with Christo IT Services. They are courteous and professional, and their response and resolution time is PHENOMENAL. They are just great people to work with. They remodeled our entire computer system in 2012 when I first worked with them, and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Most recently my printer died, and they contacted Dell (who I still had the warranty with), and I did not have to jump through any hoops. The next day I had a replacement printer.
Kelly M.
Doylestown, PA
We've been with Christo IT for over 10 years. They do everything for us. They monitor our system, our network, they upgrade our server, they even do backup. They cover everything we need in IT. I appreciate their willingness and ability to respond very quickly to any problem that occurs. They can send someone onsite without any trouble and are easy to work with. Our staff is not very IT savvy, but they make things understandable for us.
Robert C.
Philadelphia, PA
SOX compliance is no easy task to complete, or even understand as it relates to your company. Thankfully, Sitting Duck gives pragmatic, actionable info to incorporate SOX compliance quickly and efficiently in any organization!
Griffin E.
Mobile Outfitters
I have dealt with multiple people from Christo IT Services. They have all been professional, friendly, and they even recognize my voice when I call, which is all comforting when we're having an IT problem. I like that they are responsive, they always get back to me as fast as humanly possible.
Alanna S.
Lansdale, PA
We did a full system upgrade, from the server to the mice, and we didn't have to skip a beat as far as any disruption of our day to day business because of how smooth Christo IT Services makes the process. The service was impeccable, the system is flawless, and the followup was beyond belief. Any request via the phone was followed-up by Christo within the hour. I had actually used them at the firm I worked to prior to this and I know a good company when I see one.
Kelly M.
Harleysville, PA
Christo IT Services troubleshoots all of our computer problems. We have worked with them for over five years and their service is very timely. Christo IT Services is great, reliable company.
Kim D.
Philadelphia, PA
Our office has used Christo IT Services for a while now. We have a regular team that we deal with. They are very knowledgeable, thorough, and reliable. They show up promptly and get the job done. I would recommend them to others.
Sue R.
Philadelphia, PA
We have been working with Christo IT Services for about seven years. They handle our IT support from desktop to laptop, and makes sure we stay up and running. We have a very complex system, and they know how to handle it. They have great communication, and talk to you in understandable non-technical terms. They are always upbeat, professional, and don't make you feel nervous about calling them about small issues. They are always helpful and I would recommend them.
Joy M.
Blue Bell, PA
Christo IT Services have been our sole provider for five years now. Generally a good service. We keep using them because of their price and service. Great value for the money!
Brian A.
Radnor, PA