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How to Apply

Please upload your resume and complete our pre-employment testing.

Our application process features a 20-40 minute online assessment followed by an in-depth 2-3 hour interview for shortlisted candidates.

Total Compensation Range$63,000-$85,000 ($60,000-70,000 base; $250-$1250 monthly performance-based bonus)


  • Execute internal and client-facing technical requests.
  • Team participation in the management and upkeep of several client network systems, including documentation.
  • Document all work performed in our ticketing system.
  • Meet with clients to discuss technical issues.
  • Work with virtualization, firewalls, and all networking devices found in small business IT environments.

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years of “real life” experience providing computer and network support including one industry certification.
  • Hands-on/practical experience with the Windows Server family 2012/2016.
  • Intimate knowledge of all current Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems.
  • Experience with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, etc.
  • Experience with network firewall (SonicWALL especially) and routing equipment.
  • Experience in the Managed Service Industry is a plus.

Skills Requirements

  • Excellent people skills and telephone manners.
  • Competency in diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving system and network-related issues on servers, desktops, peripherals, and related equipment. Wide experience with a variety of systems and environments.
  • Ability to concisely describe or summarize a problem, in writing, including steps taken to diagnose and resolve it.
  • Ability to determine best practices and routines for various technical implementations and maintenance. Should be able to put processes in clear documentation.
  • Willingness and ability to learn new skills and use new types of information.
  • Personal responsibility and reliability.
  • Persistence to see a problem through to its resolution and ability to research possible solutions when encountering resistance.
  • Multitask and move between complicated issues. Ability to remain calm and perform under pressure.
  • Adaptable to a continually changing and growing work environment serving clients to better their business.

We take pride in recruiting individuals who demonstrate outstanding academic and professional achievement

In a business focused on numbers, we know that it is our people that add up to the true value of Christo IT Services. We take pride in recruiting individuals who demonstrate outstanding academic and professional achievement – but it is not always just the credentials on paper that catch our eye. We look to hire people who are motivated and driven to reach their full potential.

At Christo IT Services, we are dedicated to furthering education. In a collaborative, team-oriented working environment our people continuously strive for professional growth and achievement. We never settle in reaching our fullest potential so that our clients are always working with the best…who just keeps getting better.

Tired of the same salary regardless of how hard you work?

Our dynamic team is looking for high-integrity people that are experienced and dependable. We recognize and pay you for hard work, precision, teamwork, and excellent customer service.

  • Have you supported a Windows network?
  • Can you support Windows desktops and applications?
  • Do you know anything about Active Directory and Exchange?
  • Do you think SonicWALLs are cool?
  • Are you a genuinely nice person that cares about people?
  • Sick of being a corporate expense?
  • Want to work in a fast-paced environment?
  • Do you want to significantly contribute to a growing company?
  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Do your friends like you?
  • Do you like open doors and free-flowing information?
  • Most importantly, can you talk to people like a normal person?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you have passed Test #1. Congratulations! Level Up!!! If you answered no to any of the previous questions, please do not apply.

About Us

We are a 20+-year-old Managed Service Provider in Harleysville, PA. We are not your “typical” IT shop. We are not looking for your “typical” IT person, but if you are human, have a passion for the IT game, and can restrain from telling everyone you talk to how great your greatness is then we need to talk. No Stuffy McStuffin suit and ties here but we do have cool company shirts to wear. We are a fairly young group full of IT talent that will knock your socks off and we are looking for professional IT people with real-life experience.

Like what you hear? Sounds good, huh? Is it for real? We are a real company, with real American workers, having a really good time, and making real US dollars paid twice a month from our professional payroll service with taxes taken out and everything.

What We Are Looking For:

We are currently seeking full-time higher-level techs with real-life work experience. You need to be able support all Microsoft desktop and server operating systems. You should have higher-level certifications. No ticket is too small or too technical. You should be comfortable walking into a small business with a serious problem and be able to get them back up and running, calmly, quickly, and efficiently… all with a smile. If you are a positive person with high integrity that considers yourself a great dependable teammate, with the drive to continue to learn and grow, we would like to hear from you.

Benefits & Values

  • A very aggressive quarterly bonus structure based on excellence, hard work, and responsibility.
  • Company-provided Health and Dental coverage.
  • Matching 401k (our company contributes for you too!)
  • Certification training and tests provided.
  • Approved educational advancement programs and certifications paid.

As an Engineer at Christo IT Services, you can expect to grow your skills every day.

The following will be some of the skills you may possess:

  • A superior technical understanding of workstations and servers.
  • The ability to keep current on technology and upkeep of client relationships
  • Strong time entry and documentation skills
  • Proven ability to supervise and manage client engagements

Some challenges that you may face are:

  • Meeting with business owners to discuss technical issues
  • Working with virtualization, firewalls, all networking devices found in small business IT environments
  • Assisting managers with in house documentation and technical support tasks

Our biggest asset is our people.

In order to ensure your success, we offer the following support to all of our employees:

  • Christo IT Services Academy – a program dedicated to your professional development; Certification exam training and full passed test cost reimbursements; additional PTO awarded to sit and/or study for Certifications Exams; in-house & external continuing education curriculum; and on the job training.
  • Christo IT Services Mentoring Program — Our mentoring program pairs each employee with a Senior Engineer of the firm.