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Email & Spam Protection

As a small business owner, you probably receive hundreds of emails everyday. If you do not have a quality anti-spam system in place protecting your emails, your business’s network could be prone to security and virus threats. With the Email/Spam Protection services from Christo IT, you and your small business will enjoy advanced email security, so you can keep making business deals via email all day and night long.

The Benefits of Email/Spam Protection From Christo IT

When you have the highly trained professionals at Christo IT protecting your emails and spam, you are guaranteed that your business can operate more safely and efficiently. With the Email/Spam Protection services from Christo IT, you and your business will benefit from the following:

  • Blocking of 99.9% of malware, viruses, spam and other email threats
  • Advanced email security that we make simple for you to use and understand
  • Blocking of unwanted emails, including but not limited to, illicit content, phishing attempts, spoofing and unsolicited emails
  • Double anti-virus protection that constantly scans emails and provides double the protection against malware and viruses

The Christo IT Difference

Here at Christo IT, we pride ourselves in being able to offer small businesses the most advanced IT solutions, no matter their size, wants or needs. Our team of professionals provides powerful email and spam protection that is always up to date and constantly evolves, so it can grow with your business. In fact, with our Email/Spam Protection services, you will see an overnight decrease in the amount of spam you receive. And because we know no small business’s needs are the same, we provide Email/Spam protection on-site or in the Cloud.

Ready to improve the protection of your business’s email? Then contact the team at Christo IT today!

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