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Although many Virtualization services are catered to large corporations, the Virtualization service from Christo IT is perfect for small businesses just like yours! Virtualization is a tangible server system that enables a business to have multiple servers that operate on one machine or hardware.

Because of this, a single host server controls access to the resources and multiple servers located on it, making it easier than ever for you and your employees to access resources anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Benefits of Our Virtualization Services

More Server Power That Takes Up Less Physical Space

  • Consolidate hundreds or thousands of servers into one server that runs multiple virtual environments.

Save Money on Hardware

  • Use the same application on multiple servers without having to waste money on additional hardware.

Test New Applications Without Affecting Old Ones

  • Thanks to its isolated, independent system, you can test out new applications and operating systems without it affecting anything or having to purchase machinery specifically for testing.

Easy Movement Between Servers

  • Our Virtualization service makes it easy for the movement of virtual servers from a physical machine in a network to a different one.

Prevent Theft on Your Business’s Data

  • Because of our Virtualization service’s centralized storage, your business’s data will be protected from theft or damage and will prevent it from getting lost.

Additional benefits of Virtualization include:

  • A reduction in energy consumption
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Easier deployment of resources
  • Improved recovery when disaster occurs
  • Increased agility for your business
  • Preparation for cloud computing

Ready to maximize the physical space in your small business by making the transition from several servers to one with Virtualization? The team at Christo IT will make it easy! Plus, when it comes to having the best, most secure Virtualization system, a properly installed system is key, and with us as your IT expert, you’ll get nothing but the best. Contact us today to get started with our Virtualization service!