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Kyle J.

Level II Engineer

Starting from the family computer in 1998, Kyle has had a passion for technology and a curiosity for what can be done with those powerful ones-and-zeros. This was just an enjoyable hobby until a computer sales position cemented his desire to join the field and take part in IT as a career. Following this motivation, he began pursuing the Comptia certification suite (A+, Net+, and Sec+) and, upon achieving these foundations, jumped into the industry wholeheartedly.

Since then, Kyle has continued to hone his skills while seeking to provide the highest-quality service for our clients. Through industry-standard certification and customer-service honed communication skills, he brings a reasoned understanding and explanation to the uninitiated tech user. When not battling away pesky malware, Kyle can often be found swooning over his three cats and occasionally saving the virtual world from a dragon or something of the like. A Pennsylvania native, Kyle has been Christo blue since 2022.

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