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Ethan H.

Level II Engineer

Ethan is a passionate individual with a love for learning. A hobbyist of sorts, he enjoys practicing Olympic weightlifting, developing works of 3D Art & Animation, upgrading his home PC, and even cooking. Ethan has developed, managed and supported hundreds of websites, Windows and Linux server environments, and Local/Cloud network configurations of varying complexities.

Over his five years of professional IT experience, Ethan has excitedly worked with hundreds of individuals from a broad variety of fields including Health, Law, and Municipality. He has not only supported dozens of computer environments, but developed strong relationships with the people using them every day to ensure our computers work the way we need them to, and not against us!

Ethan believes setting and following thoroughly firm preparation is how we keep the road ahead paved. He wants to make sure that you can easily understand your technology, and use it to accomplish whatever you need without thinking twice.


Ethan H, Level II Manager