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Equipment Leasing

Christo IT is in the business of helping small businesses with every aspect of their IT needs—even when it comes to fulfilling their IT equipment needs. Whether you need IT equipment to get your small business up and running or you are looking to upgrade the equipment your business is using, the Equipment Leasing service from Christo IT can help. Here at Christo IT, you can lease the following IT equipment:

  • Computers (PCs, laptops and workstations)
  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Data storage units
  • Mainframes
  • Servers
  • Point-of-sale machines
  • Telecommunication equipment (routers, switches, networks and phone systems)

Why Leasing IT Equipment Is a Great Alternative

Leasing IT equipment is beneficial to rookie and seasoned business owners alike. Because starting a business is expensive, being able to afford IT equipment can either be very difficult or practically impossible, but leasing it makes it more than possible! If you’re an established business looking to keep up with the rapid technology advancements, upgrading your business’s IT equipment may not fit into your budget—utilizing a leasing option enables you to make it happen. Whatever your business status is, it is sure to benefit from our Equipment Leasing services.

Evolving your technology as your business grows

With Christo IT, you are able to add on or upgrade equipment during your lease term, so your business can stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. When your lease comes to an end, you will have the option to return or purchase the equipment.

Having easy and predictable monthly payments

Rather than having to invest a lump sum up front, we make it easy at Christo IT by allowing payments to be made overtime; these payments are based on budget levels and can be tax deductible.

Making upfront costs more affordable

Leasing IT equipment with Christo IT will reduce your upfront costs, so your cash flow won’t be hit hard. Additionally, working capital and existing credit lines are preserved, so you will have freed up cash for your other business expenses.

Enjoying a flexible pay structure

Here at Christo IT, we off our customers 100% financing with no money down, payment structures that are equivalent to cash flows or business cycles and multiple end-of-lease options.

If you need IT equipment for your new business or want to upgrade your current equipment, then you need Christo IT! Contact us today to get started with your IT equipment leasing plan.

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