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 Review of Christo IT Services


IT Services for Philadelphia and Delaware Valley Small Businesses

Christo IT Services provides top-notch technical support, usually reserved for large corporations, to small businesses in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. With its team of Trusted Engineers™ who hail from a variety of business and technical fields, Christo IT Services understands small business needs and matches them with personalized support to maximize productivity. Whether choosing the Complete Care™ package, or other support plans, businesses have access to Christo IT’s comprehensive computer services.

IT Consulting

Christo IT Services starts its IT consulting by meeting with its clients to understand their unique business plans. Consultants then troubleshoot immediate problems, while looking to the future to ensure 99.99% uptime. As businesses grow, Christo IT draws on extensive data from 24/7 monitoring to adapt its plan and keep businesses running smoothly. Consultants create long-term relationships with businesses to best understand their ever-changing needs.

IT Support

Calls to Christo IT’s IT support are answered by friendly Philadelphia and Delaware Valley Trusted Engineers™, ready to toubleshoot issues using data from 24/7 monitoring of its clients’ technology to quickly identify and remedy problems. Christo IT’s Watch Dog™ technology updates clients on security threats from viruses and spyware.  As part of Christo IT’s Complete Care™ package, clients can access MyChristo™ Portal, a personalized window through which they can view current consulting statistics, giving them peace of mind.

Data Recovery

Christo IT Services ensure data recovery through their Five Layers of Backup™. Christo IT’s prevention plan starts with internal backup to clients’ servers, which is supported by Image Capture, which takes a photo of data for easy recovery. At clients’ locations, Christo IT ensures that each system has a second hard drive on hand in case their primary drive fails, and external data storage on site to make files accessible and help businesses stay connected. In the event of a disaster, Christo IT’s off-site backup gives clients remote access to data so businesses recover quickly.

Computer Services

A small business itself, Christo IT Services understands the computer needs of its small-business clients. As part of Christo IT’s Computer Services, clients receive continuous data backups, anti-virus and spyware programs, and overall system cleanups so systems run smoothly. Christo IT notifies its clients of all program installations because while clients don’t have to be computer savvy with Christo IT around, they do deserve to understand each product going onto their computers.

IT PC Services

Obtaining PC Services from Christo IT means that clients’ PC systems will stay up to date with the latest technologies that keep systems running effectively. A clients’ first point of contact with Christo IT Services is often when something goes wrong, so the company guarantees a response in four hours or less to all first-time callers to quickly generate an IT solution.

IT Solutions

Christo IT Services offers its clients throughout the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia long-term IT solutions by providing monthly IT Value Reports that continually take stock of clients’ needs. IT Value Reports give a network health “grade,” key service performance statistics, and offer recommendations to make technology work better if necessary. That way, clients can tailor Christo IT’s plan to their needs as their businesses meet new challenges and successes.  

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