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Ron Z.

Service Manager

Ron is a strong-willed individual with a zeal for life and believes people make life worth living.  He is a husband of 9 years to Rachel and a father to one son, 7-year-old Ari.  A collector of hobbies and subject matter experts allows Ron to converse with just about anyone possessing any interests.  Art, 3D Printing, curating/collecting - even freeze drying and silicone molding/casting to name a few.

Ron is a dedicated professional with bi-lateral competencies in information technology and human behavior.  He has worked with more than hundreds of businesses, as both personal and external clients, casting a wide net of business types with experience in: health care, law firms, real estate agencies, non-profit, financial entities, and counseling centers.   He prefers empowering end users/owner/operators through education and training to earn their buy-ins.  Prior to Ron’s work in the corporate sector, he spent 10 years running his own business as an IT consultant for various commercial enterprises.  

He provided in-depth analysis of challenges found in client business practices to provide problem-solving solutions and conflict resolution.  He is an expert at motivating clients to adapt to and adopt development and management platforms.   He wants to be fully vested in the business/products/services he works with and supports.  Ron believes that documentation for infrastructure is critical – build roads and bridges not just steps and foot paths.  He is never afraid to fail, but prefers doing things correctly, the right way, the first time.

Ron Z. Service Manager Christo IT Services