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Anthony D.

Level II Engineer

Driven by an Engineering Mindset, Anthony has always had a strong interest in the inner workings of complex systems. He strives to not only understand the problem, but what caused the problem, and how it can be prevented in the future. Starting at Gloucester Country Vocational-Technical School, he quickly gained the skills essential to being a Computer Engineer, achieving 2nd Place in NJ State Skills USA Competition for Technical Computer Applications, and achieving 2nd Place in NJ State Skills USA Competition for Internetworking Systems.

Anthony is currently developing skills within the field of Cyber Security to better help keep client information safe and secure. Outside of work, Anthony enjoys working within his hobby of Mechanical Engineering, building and maintaining 3D printers, and designing various mechanical systems to improve the functionality of additive manufacturing within the Maker field. Nothing stops him from pursuing a more challenging problem to solve to grow and develop his skills.

Anthony Dragone, Level II Engineer