4 Ways Your Business Can Protect Its Sensitive Information

4 Ways Your Business Can Protect Its Sensitive Information

When it comes to your company’s data, it is only as safe and secure as your team keeps it. It’s important to have a completely reliable and trustworthy staff to ensure the safety of your company’s confidential data. By following these tips from the IT experts at Christo IT, you can learn how your staff can play a key role in protecting customer data, so information stays safe and secure!

Keep Data Protected

No matter the industry your company or organization falls in, there is bound to be excessive amounts of data, most of which needs to be protected. There are three common ways that data can be categorized: public, confidential and restricted. It’s vital to inform your staff about these three categories and what falls into each one. Here’s a quick breakdown of each category:

  1. Public data - Consists of data that can be handed out to anyone or displayed on any public platform.
  2. Confidential data - The data that only employees of your company should have access to.
  3. Restricted data - Data that should be exposed to only key members of a specific department within your company or organization.

To avoid any miscommunications between your team members, all data should be divided up into one of these three categories.

Train Your Staff

It’s extremely important to make sure your staff is professionally trained and is a trustworthy group. During security training, you should address more than just passwords and locks. Each staff member needs to understand the rules of your company, the three categories of data and security protocols for each section.

Encrypt Restricted Data

We advise all staff members to use your organization’s provided devices and servers, but we know that this is not always possible. If it is not implemented already, it should be a strict policy that all restricted data must be encrypted anywhere that it is saved. This includes the cloud and other servers. Encryption adds an additional layer of protection that serves no other purpose but additional security.

Secure and Track All Mobile Devices

Securing and tracking each employee’s mobile devices extends far beyond smart-phones. This includes tablets, laptops and especially flash drives. Any device that can have data saved to it should always be encrypted. If a tablet is leaving the general office area, there should be a note made of where it is going and how long it will be out of place for. Keeping track of each device and its whereabouts will play a key role in the security of your business’s data.

Keeping your data safe is one of the, if not the most important, things you can do for the safety and security of your business. For any further questions or computer assistance, contact Christo IT services!