Head in the Clouds: Tips For Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Head in the Clouds: Tips For Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Because small businesses are susceptible to cyberattacks, moving data into the Cloud is a smart move. However, just like every other IT service, there are steps you need to take to ensure your data stays safe. The Cloud experts at Christo IT have four tips for you and your small business, so you can get your head out of the clouds, get your data into one and keep it safe and sound.

Avoid Disasters With a Backup Plan
Data disasters can strike at any time, but creating a disaster recovery plan that conducts regular backups can help prevent them. Whether you don’t have time to create your own disaster recovery plan—or you are unsure of how to do so—hiring a quality IT service provider can be the best way to protect your data. Not only will they provide routine backups, but they will also ensure you that you can safely access your data whenever you need to.

Give Your Employees Plenty of Knowledge
If your employees do not know the safest practices for navigating your business’s network, they can put its safety in jeopardy. To avoid this, it is crucial to set up guidelines for your employees to follow. Additionally, having your employees properly trained on network security and cloud computing can help you keep your Cloud safe.

Understand Your Service Contract
Many times, businesses do not know which security responsibilities are within their domain, and which responsibilities are within their service provider’s domain. When this happens, your data’s security becomes vulnerable. When it comes to choosing an IT service provider, opt for a company who best meets your security needs, and when you do, be sure to read the service contract.

Close All Points of Access
Any points of access that are open will weaken your Cloud and increase the chances of your data being compromised. In order to prevent this from happening, you must first pinpoint all of the areas that can be accessed—this includes employees who are no longer with your business and encryption keys that are easily accessible. Once you have identified all of these areas, the next step is to close them—you can do this by removing access of old employees protecting encryption keys.

Whether you want to move your business’s data to the Cloud or want to improve your current Cloud service, the IT technicians at Christo IT can help! With our personalized IT solutions for small businesses, we guarantee that we will keep your data—and all of your business’s IT needs—safe. Contact us today!